PhD in Congregation Mission and Leadership
Luther Seminary

Master of Arts in Christian Lay Ministry
Luther Seminary

Bachelor of Arts
Luther College

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Dr. Kristine Stache

Professor of Missional Leadership

Vice President for Vocation and Formation

Loehe Professor in Mission

Faculty Biography

Kris Stache joined the Wartburg Theological Seminary community in January 2007. Kris has previously served as an adjunct faculty member at Luther Seminary and served as the Managing Director of Partnership for Missional Church at Church Innovations Institute in St. Paul, MN. Her Ph.D. dissertation is entitled, “Feminist Theology and Missional Church: An Exploration into the Doctrine of the Trinity and its Understanding in four Denominational Systems“ in the area of Congregational Mission and Leadership. She earned a M.A. in Christian Lay Ministry with a concentration in Congregational Leadership from Luther Seminary, and a B.A. in Business Management from Luther College. In addition to academic teaching, Kris has also served in parish settings as Director of Ministry Development, Director of Life Ministries, Director of Children’s Ministry, and Youth Director. She also served as a short-term missionary in Japan. Kris brings a holistic, missional and community-centered vision to ministry. Kris, her husband, Alan and their children live in the Dubuque area.

HT105        Global Church in Motion 1
HT205        Global Church in Motion 2
IN243          21st Century Leadership: Public, Adaptive, and Connected
IN344          Reading and Leading in Context: Methods, Media, and Entrepreneurial Practices
HT 288W    Christian Mission in Global Perspective
MN 161       Congregation & Community
MN 354W    Cultivating Missional Communities
IN 106W      Spiritual Practices

Book Chapters or Essays:

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Journal Articles:

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Bibliography & Annotation Work:

The Evangelizing Church: A Lutheran Contribution. Edited by Rick Bliese and Craig Van Gelder.  Minneapolis, MN: Augsburg Fortress, 2005.

Dr. Stache has extensive knowledge in the following categories and is able to serve as a resource on:

  • Congregational Mission and Leadership
  • Missional Church & Theology
  • Children, Youth, & Family Ministry
  • Youth, Culture, & Mission
  • Spiritual Practices & Creativity