Administrative Assistant for Admissions, Contextual Education & Student Services

The Administrative Assistant for Admissions, Contextual Ed, and Student Services is responsible for providing hospitality to guests of the seminary, particularly for Admissions, and providing administrative support to the Vice President of Admissions and Student Services, the Director for Contextual Education, and the Admissions and Student Services team. This is an up to 30 hour a week part-time non-exempt position that reports to the Vice President of Admissions and Student Services.

Collaboration Among Partners

Pastor Lundborg says, “Collaborative Learning is like DL [Master of Divinity Distributed Learning Program] 2.0. We are now talking about what’s best for the student’s formation, finances and family. It is especially great for students who are already serving in a congregation and now can dig into seminary in real-time.”

From the Classroom to the Congregation

Taking a full class load and serving in this role with three churches is busy. Sometimes, it’s overwhelming. It helps that SWIM church members are flexible and understanding and forgiving of mistakes. They are more self sufficient than any other church I’ve ever experienced. They are willing to try new things, to experiment. They invite most new ideas. I am keenly aware of how wonderful this is.

Project Director for Accelerated BA/MDIV Degrees

The Project Director is responsible for leading Wartburg Theological Seminary (WTS) and Wartburg College (WC) in the development and success of the Accelerated BA/MDiv program. The Project Director oversees the grant from the Kern Family Foundation and stewards the human and financial resources of WC and WTS allocated to this program. Supervision of this position will be through WTS in Dubuque.